Dry salt is placed inside the halogenerater to grind into specific micro-sized particle, dispersing salt aerosol.


Dry Salt Therapy

How it works


Active dry salt therapy is simple to understand.
There are three primary characteristics of pure sodium chloride, NaCl, known as salt:

  1. Salt is super absorbent (especially when it is completely dry)
  2. Salt is anti-bacterial
  3. Salt is anti-inflammatory

As the salt travels in the salt room, these salt particles of dry sodium chloride are inhaled into the respiratory system. The dry salt naturally starts absorbing allergens, toxins and foreign substances in your lungs and throughout your respiratory tract. Dry salt may help to reduce inflammation and open airway passages. The micro-sized crystal structure of pure NaCl particles breaks loose and clears out all the ‘bad stuff’.

The properties of dry salt also absorb impurities and provide anti-bacterial properties that benefit the skin such as acne, psoriasis and eczema as well as regulates the skin’s micro-circulation. The smaller particles can reach beneath the skin’s surface and absorb moisture towards the skin. The larger salt particles land on the skin and absorb any bacterial and foreign substances. The dry salt accelerates cell rejuvenation and improves skin rigidity.

Who benefits

Halotherapy benefits people with various respiratory conditions: Allergies, Pneumonia, Asthma, Rhinitis, Bronchitis, Bronchial Infections, Sinusitis, Cold and Flu, Smoker’s Cough, COPD, Snoring, Cystic Fibrosis, Stress & Fatigue, Emphysema, Wheezing.

 various skin conditions: Psoriasis, Itching, Eczema, Swelling & Inflammation, Dermatitis, Dry & Flaky Skin, Acne, Rashes, Rosacea, Skin Aging.

it also:

  • Expands the airways for increased oxygen flow and capacity to enhance athletic performance and endurance.
  • Enables better recovery time from physical activity and stress.
  • Accelerate recovery from common colds and the flu, revitalize jet lag, Slow the aging process, detoxification, rehabilitation.

Multi-Sensory and Relaxing Experience

  • Includes built-in soothing color changing ambient lights (chromo-therapy).
  • Built-in stereo sound system that connects to any device to offer soothing music, guided meditation, etc.
  • Heated double bottom for Himalayan salt crystals that provide additional negative ions and particles to enhance the salt therapy experience and benefits



The S.A.L.T. Bed provides an intense healing environment for people with various respiratory ailments, skin conditions, detox and general wellness, from 30 minutes to as little as 10 minute sessions

Salt FX Halogenerator.

Revolutionary Design

  • Unique multi-functional partition that allows you to isolate skin, joint and muscle therapy from respiratory therapy.
  • Great for psoriasis, acne, eczema and other skin conditions.
  • By isolating the skin, you can use a higher concentration of salt without adversely affecting the respiratory system. This is something salt rooms can not provide.